Better tasting coffee that costs less and is better for the environment. Impossible? Not anymore. We’re proud to provide these benefits to offices across the Northeast Ohio Area.

Everybody loves the convenience and variety offered by single cup brewing system, but nobody likes to think about the billions of plastic cups and cartridges going to landfill each year. Combining world-class coffees with new pod brewing technology creates a program that offers all the benefits of the single cup systems that you know and love with many distinct advantages:

• Better tasting coffee with rich body and incredible aroma
• Pods are compostable and biodegradable
• More than 60 varieties of coffee and tea pods*
• Reduced packaging results in a lower price per cup vs. other systems
• Hot water is not brewed through disposable plastic

                                         CafeXpress 2
Offers cafe quality beverages without leaving the office. From coffee to lattes, mochas to cappuccinos this machine delivers it all in less than a minute.
We are your Single Cup Coffee Headquarters
                                                      Bunn Auto Pod Brewer

For offices with 25-50 Employees
Eliminates waste by brewing one fresh cup at a time from a wide variety of coffee and tea pods.
Automatically disposes of spent pods after each brew.
Removable pod bin holds up to 25 spent pods.
Pod bin and drip tray can be modified for under-counter disposal of pods.
Patented sprayhead design allows for proper extraction of all flavoring materials and aromatics.
Brews up to 16 ounces of coffee or tea in less than a minute.
Control extraction utilizing pulse-brew technology with BrewMETER®.
Push & hold hot water button provides up to 10 ounces of hot water for cappuccino, cocoa and soups.
Integrated cup booster allows for 5” or 8” cup clearance.
Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.

                                                                Bunn My Cafe
For offices with 10-25 employees
Fast brew coffee in about 30 seconds. Stainless steel heating tank uses a thermostat to hold water at the perfect ready-to-brew temperature.
Patented sprayhead allows extraction of all coffee flavoring materials and aromatics.
Tea button features pulse brew technology to provide steeping action.
Brew 4 to 12 ounces of coffee or tea to preferred strength by adjusting the portion/volume control.
Easy to use and maintain with a removable water reservoir and easy-slide lid to pour in water.
A drawer-style pod holder keeps hands clean and dry at all times.
Reservoir holds 46 oz. of water.
Pod holder, reservoir/lid and drip tray assembly are dishwasher safe.
Includes two pod holders to prevent flavor transfer.

                                                             Newco Fresh Cup
For office with 25-50+ employees
When it comes to coffee, everyone's taste preferences are unique. One may enjoy a strong, bold cup of coffee while another prefers a bright, mild cup. No matter how each may enjoy their coffee, Fresh Cup always brews it to perfection and allows each cup to be specially brewed to three personal strengths: mild, medium or bold. Your coffee profiles are easily programmable and provide complete control over the critical brewing parameters: pre-infusion, brew volume and water contact time.
                                               Colibri Premium Coffee System

The Next Generation in Office Coffee
3rd Coast Coffee is proud to present the Colibri, a fully automatic table top coffee machine with 150 cups in a space of less than 16" x 20". Now even the smallest office locations can enjoy the experience of real, fresh bean to cup coffee and other hot drinks. From a wonderfully whipped cup of hot chocolate to a decadently smooth frothy cappuccino, the Colibri will satisfy your thirst for drinks of the highest quality.

• Built in bean grinder for fresh coffee or espresso every time
• Automatic Wash Cycle
• Stainless Steel coffee filters
• Compact Size
• Live Display Bean Hopper
• 5 Product Canisters:
    Coffee Beans
    Loose Ground Decaf
    Powdered Milk
    French Vanilla
    Hot Chocolate

• Choice Selection:

    Black Coffee*
    Coffee with Milk*
    Cafe Mocha*
    Cafe Vanilla*
    French Vanilla
    Hot Chocolate
    Hot Chocolate with Milk**

*Can be served as decaffeinated or regular. Espresso may be substituted as well. **Can be changed to a hot water selection.

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Choice of 4 cup sizes (4 oz., 6 oz., 8 oz., 10 oz.)
Direct-water-line plumbing
Automatic used K-Cup ejection and storage
Separate Hot Water Spigot

Keurig B3000 K-cup Brewing System